The Perfect High Arch Running Shoes to Make Every Step Comfortable

Those of your with high arched feet are mostly likely to find that the perfect running shoes harder to find than those who are not so highly-arched. However, there are plenty variants of high arch running shoes for both and women that you should know of. The following is the list.

high arches running shoes

Nike Zoom Vomero +7

Are you a fan of Nike’s collections? The Nike Zoom Vomero +7 Ladies Running Shoes will impress you. Your high arches will be supported by its midsole of Cush Ion at full length offering a higher yet softer platform for your condition. These cost $87.18 to $514.00 a pair and come in the colors of pink with dark grey slashes and white stripes as well as in dark grey with pink slashes and white stripes.

Its TPU Heel Counter offers you a snug feel without making it feel too tight. Enjoy its sandwich mesh for a breathable feel.

Salomon Women’s XR Mission

Another item from the woman’s section is the Salomon Women’s XR Mission Running Shoe at $58.00 to $157.00 per pair. With its 1.5 inch heel you can easily switch from gravel roads to forest trails without having to significantly adjust. Your shoes will do all the work and with its various types of upper mesh, you can enjoy a long running sessions without it ever being uncomfortable.

The colors they are available in are: Light Onix, Organic Green, Score Blue, Detroit Black, Celedon, Morea Blue and Very Purple.

Brooks Women’s Glycerin 10

The Brooks Women’s Glycerin 10 Running Shoes are next in line for high arched feet types. Say good bye to tight shoes and cramps as these high arch running shoes are about to make your every day running sessions the best part of the day! Its sporty look will definitely turn heads and even so, costs no more than $80.00! If you are looking for a great, nothing beats these. Its OMEGA Flex Grooves supporting the midsole area optimally, the Heel Caterpillar Clutch making the heel to toe transition far smoother, its Full Length Anatomical Brooks DNA for optimal cushioning is powerful and last but not least its DRB Accel for pronation control is one of a kind, order from color options of Diva Pink, Dresden Blue, and Jasmine Green.

Saucony Women’s ProGrid Triumph 8

Similar to this is the Saucony Women’s ProGrid Triumph 8 Running Shoe with a specific Arch Lock to secure your sole during running! These cost about $49.99 to $89.99 a pair and come in the colors of White/Gold/Black and White/Navy/Blue.

The shoes also apply high quality of synthetic soles to use actually. For reducing injury while running, the shoe pads are made of rubber sole and for maximum comfort and performance, this shoes equipped by Full length ProGrid technology. Its SSL EVA midsole for less weight and last its Arch Lock to provide snug midfoot fit. This pair seems to be great for stability and cushion.

Finally an option for the men, the New Balance Men’s MR759 Running Shoe is a high arch running shoes that you do not want to miss out on. Their affordability is out of the question, with $92.00 being its maximum price. Its ACTEVA LIGHT allows you to enjoy a light running experience making them almost weightless.

The arch support you are looking for is provided by the Stability Web making them the perfect stylish selection for you.

The next time you think you have given up looking for high arch running shoes you know what options are out there. The aforementioned running shoes for both men and women not only make running a delightful experience despite your high arched structure, they are extremely stylish investments in confidence, style and charisma.


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